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Diversia Global was founded to bring something entirely new and long since necessary to the world of executive search. With many decades of experience in the industry, our directors passionately believe that the old mantra of who you know not what you know has been slain by big data.

Using the latest techniques of Big Data mining and its renowned proprietary algorithms, Diversia Global delivers on its under-riding core value of helping our partner organizations achieve ambitious DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) targets by making diversity-lead searching quick, easy, cost-effective, and most importantly completely effective: the candidates found and presented will win out in any search process, whether diversity lead or not.

Regardless of where you are based or what industry you operate in, regardless of the function of the business – if diversity, equity, and inclusion are important to your selection process, we will deliver you the candidates that you need faster than you have ever received executive level candidates previously.

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We are a technology company that does executive search better, faster, and more competitively than the traditional industry heavyweights.  Here’s a quick summary of our process…




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